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Patriot Enviromental Announes Aquistion of Transwater Inc.

MIDLAND, Texas, Aug. 18, 2020 Patriot Environmental, LLC, a premier installer and provider of geosynthetic lining materials in the United States, announces that it has acquired Transwater, Inc. of Midland, TX.

Transwater, Inc. is a leading provider of water monitoring solutions for the oil and gas, mining, solid waste, and related industries, that improve operations and the environment. The company pioneered the use of remotely piloted boats with sonar capabilities to measure the remaining capacity of freshwater and produced water ponds. The company has developed stationary remotely monitored sensors for monitoring water levels, water quality, and even H2S gas concentrations.

Cody Smithson, President of Patriot Environmental said, "We are thrilled to be able to bring the Transwater platform into the Patriot Environmental suite of services. Coming together as a team, we can bring incredible value and scale to the industries we work in. Randy and his team at Transwater have developed a game changing line of products and services that compliment what we do perfectly."

Randy Smith, Transwater's Founder and President added, "Transwater has a great group of clients who are constantly striving to ensure they maintain and protect their critical water assets. We developed our customer base by listening to their industry needs and then creating and implementing products that give our customers peace of mind. We are excited to grow our client base and continue to develop innovative technologies as a part of Patriot Environmental."

Transwater's primary market is oil & gas, and more specifically the exploration and production (E & P) companies. In the past few years, water has become a valuable and expensive asset for E & P Producers. Transwater's TransWatch suite of products can provide real-time remote monitoring and providing remote chemical analysis of those valuable fresh or produced water assets. Transwater has innovative, affordable and rapidly deployable water technology solutions to mitigate risk and give accurate data. These products are innovative, next generation technologies that are adapted to work with affordable, highly compact mobile networks or sat-phone systems. This allows the user to remotely access, on-demand data and reporting as well as user-defined alarm triggers for critical levels or changing conditions alerts. Transwater offers unmanned aerial and boat (drone) services to calculate and map water assets. Once the volumetric base is established the TransWatch and TransWatch Water Lab systems can be installed to monitor metrics such as volume, PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorides, nitrates, on site H2S, and more. "It all starts with a relatively easy install process that can have live data feeds to our client's PC, tablet or cell phone in just a couple of business days," added Mr. Smith.

About Patriot Environmental, LLC With offices in Meeker, Oklahoma and Odessa, Texas, Patriot Environmental is a specialty contractor primarily serving the oil and gas, and solid waste industries in the US. The company provides and installs geosynthetic materials, erosion control materials, polyurea spray lining, and secondary metal containment systems for a variety of applications. Patriot Environmental is an industry leader for the supply and installation of geosynthetic materials used to line pits and impoundments (frac waste, freshwater and produced water). Patriot Environmental, LLC is part of the Environmental Specialties International, Inc ( portfolio. For more information, visit

About Transwater, Inc. Transwater, Inc. is a leading provider of water management solutions for the oil and gas, mining, solid waste, and related industries. Transwater's approach to monitoring solutions has resulted in an affordable, scalable and a rapidly deployable remote monitoring solution that is easily accessible by clients. Transwater provides innovative solutions that meets the immediate needs of multiple industries requiring accurate and ongoing monitoring of controlled water sources.

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