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Asset Mapping  & Monitoring Projects

What we do

Mapping & Monitoring

Our Transwater line of products and services allows Patriot to bring fast and accurate mapping & monitoring solutions to the oil & gas water market and beyond.

TransMap pit scan/mapping and TransWatch pit & meter monitoring solutions offer flexibility and affordability.

  • Pond scan/mapping & volumetric reporting

  • Remote monitoring of pond levels/volumes

  • Produced water quality data, trends & alerts

  • Flow meter & line pressure monitoring

  • Dashboard reporting, alarms/alerts & historical data analytics

Solutions we offer

Whether your  water assets are full and  ready to go for your next project or you are up against time to make sure the water is where you need it, when you need it, our systems can help.  You can rest assured that you know exactly what your capacity us, what you current volumes are and will have a full historical chain of custody record for future review.

Here are just a few ways our asset mapping & monitoring solutions are utilized:

  • Full, partially full or empty volumetrics

  • Freshwater frac pond monitoring data

  • Produced & treated water pit facilities

  • Inlet & outlet meters solutions

  • AST water tank & frac tank monitors


Mapping & Monitoring

Why we're different

Our approach makes overpriced surveys, overly complex SCADA systems, PLC programming and failure prone radio telemetry systems a thing of the past.  The Transwater line of critical water asset mapping & monitoring solutions is simple, affordable and scalable.

Here are just a few reasons why we are completely different than the other guys:

  • Very low cost setup & startup 

  • Simple yet scalable solution (small to large)

  • Direct-to-cloud communications & multiple sensor supports

  • Options to integrate to existing software and analytics dashboards

  • Purchase, short-term rentals, long-term leasing

Mapping & Monitoring

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